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WebTV Design Guide For Webmasters: Tables


Tables in the television environment have space limitations. It is best not to use tables consisting of more than 2 columns, and be sure they will display correctly within 544 pixels. Tables (and cells) may incorporate background colors or images, but you can’t specify the number of columns. To make a table transparent (so the background shows through), use the WebTV specific attribute "transparency=x" within the <TABLE> tag. Example:


Transparency may be set from a value of 0 (fully opaque - the default) to 100 (fully transparent). WebTV optimizes the rendering of transparencies set to 50, so that is a good benchmark. Transparency is also a valid attribute for cells in the WebTV environment.

WebTV has developed a unique feature for tables that can be applied to entire table structures, or individual cells. This makes it possible to create the effect of a gradient angle (90 +/-) for a table or cell.

The syntax for this feature is:



<TD GRADANGLE="value">...</TD>

Colors used in the gradient are controlled by the GRADCOLOR="value" attribute, and may employ hexadecimal or color names. This attribute must be used in conjunction with the BGCOLOR attribute. Examples:

<TABLE BGCOLOR="value" GRADCOLOR="value">...</TABLE>

<TD BGCOLOR="value" GRADCOLOR="value">...</TD>


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