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DHTML Lab: Cross-Browser Visibility Transitions; Wrap-up


Cross-Browser Visibility Transitions

In this column, we created a positioned element visibility transition library.

More importantly, hopefully, we demonstrated how to develop routine libraries in general, using separate functions and a controlling switch statement for redirection.

We kept the library fairly modular, to allow easy additions or omissions. If you do not have need for all the transitions discussed, simply delete the case label and the function associated with the transition.

The transition-generating form from our front page is reproduced below for review:

0 Box insame
1 Box outsame*
2 Circle inalt
3 Circle outalt*
4 Wipe upsame
5 Wipe downsame
6 Wipe rightsame
7 Wipe leftsame
 8 Vertical blindssub
 9 Horizontal blindssub
10 Checkerboard acrosssub
11 Checkerboard downsub
12 Random dissolvesub
13 Split vertical insame
14 Split vertical outsame*
15 Split horizontal insame
16 Split horizontal outsame*
17 Strips left downalt
18 Strips left upalt
19 Strips right downalt
20 Strips right upalt
21 Random bars horiz.sub
22 Random bars vert.sub
23 Randomsame

   This text is originally
   hidden by the positioned element.
Duration (secs): 

All the code discussed is repeated in our code pages.

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Created: Apr. 28, 1998
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