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DHTML Lab: Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 - Addendum (v2.1) | 6


Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 - Addendum (v2.1)
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The next version (Version 3) of the Hierarchical Menus is almost totally based on suggestions from readers of this column. The new features include:

  1. Complete rewriting of the IE4 logic for faster menu creation (1/2 the v.2 time) and even faster menu re-creation (1/3 the v.2 time). (standard)
  2. Foreign server page origin to be excluded from frame menu re-creation to avoid security-related errors. (standard)
  3. Background item highlight maintained across menu tree so relationship of child menu with parent items is apparent (option).
  4. Absolute positioning for top-level menus, to align with page layout. (option)
  5. Different color scheme (font, background, mouseovers) for each menu tree. (option)
  6. Different widths for each menu tree. (option)
  7. Mouseover/Click option for initial top-level menu display. Alternative menu re-creation if click option selected. (option)
  8. Tall menus that do not fit vertically in window will be broken into side-by-side sections. (option)
  9. Left pointing triangle image to be included on left of menu item for menu trees that open and build from right-to-left. (option)

To help in the development of this and any future versions, a new Forum thread has been posted: Hier Menu Want List. Please post your suggestions there. They will be read and noted, and will be available for all to comment on.

On the next page, the hierMenus.js external script for Version 2.1 is repeated for your reference. Replace the Version 2 incarnation with this one to use JavaScript URLs and non-standard frame-loading options.

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