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DHTML Lab: Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 - Addendum (v2.1)


Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 - Addendum (v2.1)
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Click the links above to reveal menus.

Click the button above for frame-related mods.

Menu Animated GIF
Animated GIF demonstrating heirarchical menus for non-DHTML browsers.

This column introduces a new version of the hierarchical menu script. All information is valid at the time of writing. New browser versions released after publication may not behave as outlined. The script is constantly under revision, with new features added, problems fixed and new browser versions addressed.
Read this column, and future columns, to learn how we built the menu script.
Use the most recent version of the script, always available in HierMenus Central.

This tutorial can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version. The in-line examples will work only in Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 for Windows.

Whaoh!!! The mail just keeps on coming!

Yes, version 3 of the menus is almost done, and yes, your suggestions have been taken into consideration. On the final page of this addendum, we list what we have already incorporated into the new version, to be published soon.

Until then, there are a couple of queries that have outnumbered all others. This addendum will address these, since they are easy for you to implement in version 2, without need to wait for their incorporation into an official update.

These are:

  1. "I'm using frames, but I don't always want the linked-to page to appear in the 'main' frame. How can I occasionally load into a different frame?"
  2. "I'm using frames, but occasionally I want the linked-to page to appear in the full window."
  3. "I want the linked-to page to appear in a new window"
  4. "Can I run a function from the menus?"

    The above count as a single question, as the answer is the same.

  5. "I don't like the mouseover method of displaying the menus. I'd rather click on the link."

This page has two menus in the left column. Show them by clicking the links. The first menu contains links to non-http URLs. The second has links that run script statements.

Click the form button in the left column to see the frame-specific questions answered.

First, let's pop those menus with a click.

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