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DHTML Lab: Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 (Cross-Browser/Frames)


Hierarchical Menus Ver. 2 (Cross-Browser/Frames)
additional features, improved compatibility and stability



Pass your mouse over links above to reveal menus.

Menu Animated GIF
Animated GIF demonstrating heirarchical menus for non-DHTML browsers.

This column introduces a new version of the hierarchical menu script. All information is valid at the time of writing. New browser versions released after publication may not behave as outlined. The script is constantly under revision, with new features added, problems fixed and new browser versions addressed.
Read this column, and future columns, to learn how we built the menu script.
Use the most recent version of the script, always available in HierMenus Central.

This tutorial can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version. The in-line examples will work only in Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 for Windows.

They're Back!!

The hierarchical menus just won't go away. They are now in use on Web pages originating in five continents. (We have yet to hear from authors in Africa and Antarctica). And if we had a nickel for every piece of mail they have generated, well, it would be "good bye day-job."

Readers queries, suggestions and improvements have been studied and incorporated into a new version of the Hierarchical Menus script. Version 2 offers additional functionality, bug fixes and more efficient code. At the same time, it includes both single window and frame functionality. It is highly recommended that it replace Version 1 on your Web pages.


  1. Familiarity with the Cross-Browser Hierarchical Menus script, developed in column 14 and column 15.

  2. Familiarity with the Hierarchical Menus for Frames script, developed in column 18.

The present column will deal only with the changes and improvements made to these scripts, when incorporating them into Version 2. The unchanged parts of the script will, however, be repeated for reference purposes.

In This Column

We will discuss:

For the first time, in our columns, we will learn to use:

First, let's look at what's new in version 2.

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