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Hierarchical Menus Ver. 3 - Addendum II (v3.02)
improving an old bug fix and introducing a new one

Thanks to John Gillett for bringing the NS "double-link" bug to my attention.

This column introduces a new version of the hierarchical menu script. All information is valid at the time of writing. New browser versions released after publication may not behave as outlined. The script is constantly under revision, with new features added, problems fixed and new browser versions addressed.
Read this column, and future columns, to learn how we built the menu script.
Use the most recent version of the script, always available in HierMenus Central.

This addresses and fixes problems(bugs) with the Hierarchical Menus Version 3 script. You must be familiar with it to appreciate the discussion.

Welcome to the second maintenance release of Hierarchical Menus, Version 3.

The amount of mail received is flattering, but from time-to-time authors point out a problem that had not been foreseen. Such is the case with the "double-link" problem discussed and fixed later. Although our scripts are put through rigorous tests, it is not possible to test every conceivable variation, for the simple reason that we cannot conceive of them!

What's New

Version 3.02 involves two small modifications:

  1. a new approach to working around the Navigator 4 "resize" bug.
  2. correction of a script problem involving the execution of javascript: URLs from menu item clicks

The first is simply an "improvement." The second affects only those menus with javascript URLs. Both are Navigator-specific. If your menus are on an Explorer-only intranet, for example, the new version will function no differently than the previous one. Still, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to this new version, to be current.

First, let's incorporate the new resize bug fix.

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Created: Oct 04, 1998
Revised: Oct 04, 1998

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