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Hierarchical Menus Ver. 3 - Addendum VI (v3.06)
fixes and improvements for Navigator

Why Links for Navigator?

Versions 1 and 2 of the menu script did not create link tags within the menu items for Navigator. Much reader mail included these questions:

  1. How can I get rid of the irritating i-bar (insert) cursor that appears when I am over the text part of the item?

  2. How can I get a hand cursor to appear over the items?

Since Navigator does not support the CSS cursor property, the only way to force a hand cursor to appear is by using links. So that's what we did for version 3, and managed to answer both questions above.

Big mistake!

Since our introduction of links in items, it's been one headache after another:

Given that it's been a nightmare accounting for the link tags in the items, and that the upcoming version 4 is a more complicated script, with more room for link tag sabotage, the best way to handle the links is to kill them off.

Good Riddance!

On the next page, we highlight all the statements related to link tags. These are to be omitted from version 3.06. Immediately after that, we'll discuss a modification that minimizes the tragedy of the link tags' demise.

First, link tag-related statements reproduced for the final time.

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