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DHTML Lab: JavaScript Enhancement with VBScript | 3


JavaScript Enhancement with VBScript
final comments

A Note on Return Values

If you use IEbox() for custom Explorer-only dialogs, with multiple buttons and a return value, it would be a good idea to use the switch statement to process the return value and execute the relevant statements. In the following example, an IEBox is created with a Critical icon and Yes/No/Cancel buttons, which return values of 6, 7, and 2, respectively, when clicked:

myIntegerVariable = IEBox(
     'My IE Box Title',
     'My IE Box Message',
switch (myIntegerVariable) {
   case 2: // 'Cancel'
      // statements to execute if Cancel pressed
   case 6: // 'Yes'
      // statements to execute if Yes pressed
   case 7: // 'No'
      // statements to execute if No pressed

DHTML Lab and VBScript

This column has been a change of pace for DHTML Lab. Hopefully, it was a welcome one. If the feedback warrants it, we might include future articles on VBScript. It's up to you.

Related Dynomat Tool

To assist you in the creation of JS-VB dialogs, our DHTML Dynomat section will shortly include a cross-browser tool to generate all code automatically. Check back soon.

The complete code required for our technique is included in our usual code page.

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