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Dynamic Headline Fader, Version 2.01
final comments


The publication of Version 2.0 of the Fader script generated a lot of mail.

We've attempted to address reported problems with Version 2.01, but it seems that the Fader is well on its way to becoming a smaller version of the Hierarchical Menus script.

There are many improvements we can make, and many features we can add.

Do you have a feature request? Have you found a problem with an obscure browser release on a specific platform? Let us know.

On a more positive note, have you used the fader on a browser not listed below? Let us know, and we'll link back to you.

Fader 2.01 Compatibility Table
BrowserVersionTested By
Navigator Win324.61DHTML Lab
Navigator Macintosh4.05DHTML Lab
Navigator Macintosh4.61DHTML Lab
Explorer Win324.01DHTML Lab
Explorer Win325.0DHTML Lab
Explorer Macintosh4.01DHTML Lab
Explorer Macintosh4.5DHTML Lab

As usual, the complete code is repeated on our final pages.

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Created: Sep 21, 1999
Revised: Sep 21, 1999

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