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Dynamic Headline Fader, Version 2.01

Important Note:
This tutorial discusses Version 2.01 of the Fader script. The most recent version is Version 3.0, introduced in Column 27.
The script is constantly under revision, with new features added, problems fixed and new browser versions addressed.
Read this column, and future columns and addendi, to learn how we built the fader script. However, always use the most recent version of the script in your web pages.

This tutorial can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version. The in-line examples will work only in Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+.

double click fader to replay

Due to the immense amount of feedback, our Dynamic Headline Fader is going into another version already. We've added improvements and fixes, with an emphasis on getting the fader to function flawlessly in Macintosh browsers. Many thanks to Phil Kerr, whose tests with foreign versions of Macintosh browsers proved invaluable to developing Version 2.01


Version 2.01 Improvements

  1. The Explorer 4 width and text-align problems are accounted for
  2. For authors who want to combine the fader with other scripts on the same page, we've simplified the process and provided a working example.
  3. Backward compatibility with Fader 1.0 array structure
  4. Broken filter support in Explorer 4+ is accounted for
  5. The setTimeout() syntax is made IE4mac-compatible
  6. IE4mac dynamic stylesheet support is accounted for
  7. The wonky text justification in IE4mac is fixed
  8. The NS4mac this bug is avoided
  9. and more...

So, if you know your Fader version 2.0 like the back of your hand, let's start.

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Created: Sep 21, 1999
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