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IE4 / IE5 Rendering Differences
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This column can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version. All examples are illustrated with screenshots. The in-line examples will work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ for Windows.

Internet Explorer 4 for Windows was an excellent browser, introducing the powerful Microsoft flavor of DHTML. Version 5 builds on its predecessor, with an enormous amount of new features and improvements.

For many authors, however, some of these improvements may be unwelcome. Their pages, written for and tested in Explorer 4, might display differently in Explorer 5.

Explorer 4, as a pioneer in CSS stylesheets and CSS positioned elements, got a few things wrong, especially in the element width rendering and sizing departments.

In this column, we'll look at a few of these.

We'll concern ourselves only with IE for Windows. IE for Macintosh has tremendous rendering differences from the IEWin versions, and is a completely separate topic.



  1. file upload object width
  2. scrolling IFRAME width
  3. DIV element width
  4. text alignment in positioned elements
  5. modal dialog height

Let's start with the file upload object width.

Have you encountered rendering differences between the browser versions? Let us know for future updates.

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