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Array Power, Part II
bringing the IE (and sometimes the Navigator) Array object up to par

This column is part of the DHTML Lab thread:
Creating a Web Application
It can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version.
In-page examples will work only in Explorer 4+ and Navigator 4+.

In our last column, Array Power, Part I, we introduced the powerful Array object methods built-in to Netscape Navigator but missing from Internet Explorer.

Using the prototype property of the Array object, we created two new methods for Explorer, aligning it to the Navigator and ECMAScript standard:

shift() and unshift()

In this column, the second of three devoted to the topic, we'll look at the push() and pop() methods.

We'll prototype them for Explorer, and in the case of push() we'll modify the built-in behavior assigned to it by older versions of Navigator as well.


We'll start with the push() method.

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