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Array Power, Part III
bringing the IE (and sometimes the Navigator) Array object up to par

This column is part of the DHTML Lab thread:
Creating a Web Application
It can be appreciated by users of any browser, any version.
In-page examples will work only in Explorer 4+ and Navigator 4+.

In our last column, Array Power, Part II, we continued prototyping Array object methods built-in to Netscape Navigator but missing from Internet Explorer.

Using the prototype property of the Array object, we created two new methods for Explorer, aligning it to the Navigator and ECMAScript standard:

push() and pop()

We also discussed the differences between the JavaScript 1.2 and JavaScript 1.3+ implementations of Array.push in Navigator, and forced JavaScript 1.2 interpretors to use JavaScript 1.3+ functionality.

In this column, the final one of three devoted to the topic, we'll look at the complex splice() method.

Once again, we'll prototype it for Explorer, and modify the built-in behavior assigned to it by JavaScript 1.2 in older versions of Navigator.


First, let's see what splice() does.

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