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Hiermenus Go Forth*, II:
Version 4 - The External Arrays - New Menu Tree Parameters

This column is the second in a multi-column discussion of a new version of the hierarchical menu script.
Until our discussion is complete, the current version of the script will still be the latest maintenance release of Version 3: 3.10.3.
Read this column, and future columns, to learn how we built the menu script.
Use the most recent version of the script, always available in HierMenus Central.

In this column we continue our discussion of the Version 4 menu-creating arrays.

Recall that in our previous column, we introduced the new Version 4 structure of the menu arrays and began discussing what we call the Tree-Specific Overhead Parameters. That is, the array elements that serve as parameters affecting the look and behavior of a specific menu tree.

There are seventeen Tree-Specific Overhead Parameters. The first nine, which also existed in Version 3, were discussed in the previous column:

HM_Array1 = [
   0 width,                      |
   1 left_position,              |
   2 top_position,               |
   3 font_color,                 | discussed
   4 mouseover_font_color,       | in
   5 background_color,           | Column 35
   6 mouseover_background_color, |
   7 border_color,               |
   8 separator_color             |
   9 top_is_permanent,
  10 top_is_horizontal,
  11 tree_is_horizontal,
  12 position_under,
  13 top_more_images_visible,
  14 tree_more_images_visible,
  15 evaluate_upon_tree_show,
  16 evaluate_upon_tree_hide

We will now take a look at the remaining eight Tree-Specific Overhead Parameters. These are all new to Version 4, and considerably expand the power of our script.

This column contains many live in-page examples. They are accessible, naturally, only to Explorer 4+ and Navigator 4 users. The script used to generate the live examples is not the final Version 4 script. It is a subset specific-to-this-column script, unsupported and subject to changes.

However, it does demonstrate the enhanced speed and features of Version 4!

The first new-to-Version-4 parameter is top_is_permanent, which allows HM to be a permanent part of your page!

*with apologies to Blackadder

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