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DHTML in, I:
Building A Great DHTML Chaser

DHTML in the real world

What we usually find discussed in DHTML articles and tutorials are techniques that readers are encouraged to use on their Web sites.

With the exception of (the now ancient) Column 4, the above is very true of DHTML Lab content, as well.

Now, with the proliferation of DHTML on the Web, it's time to start publishing articles that describe DHTML techniques already in use. That is, techniques that have been created to address the needs of a particular site.

To start us off, Aaron Boodman has written a series of articles related to the DHTML he hand-wrote for

In this column, he will introduce his project, and share the code for the cool cross-browser DHTML Chaser he created. The Chaser is not only slick, but extremely useful, and the code that creates it is an excellent example of streamlined, elegant JavaScript.

Thanks for giving me a break, Aaron, and now over to you.

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Created: Sept 19, 2000
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