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Hiermenus Go Forth, III:
Version 4 - The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters

Item Parameters

In Version 3 every menu item was defined by three consecutive array elements:

item_display_text,  item_link_url,  item_has_child

Version four defines its menu items with a nested array, containing five elements. More elements may be added in the future, depending on the direction the HM script takes:

[ item_display_text, item_link_url,
  item_is_rollover,  item_permanently_highlighted,
  item_has_child ]

Let's discuss them one at a time.

Element 0 - item_display_text

The text displayed in the menu item

Text String
May be specified as:
  • string
  • JS expression that returns a string

Example Values
"Browser Help"
    The item will contain the text, Browser Help.

JS expression:
NS4 ? "Navigator Help" : "Explorer Help"
    The item will contain the text Navigator Help if Navigator is being used and Explorer Help if Explorer is being used.

The menu above has item display text created by these array parameters:

HM_Array3 = [
["Browser Help",...],                               // simple string
[NS4 ? "Navigator Help" : "Explorer Help",...],     // JS expression
[,...],                                             // no value
["<IMG SRC='ie.gif' ALIGN=ABSMIDDLE> IE stuff",...] // simple HTML
If parameter is omitted, no text will be displayed

Differences from Version 3 equivalent
There is no difference from the Version 3 equivalent.

This parameter can contain simple HTML, like the FONT and IMG tags for display embellishment.

Next, linking from the menu items..

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