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Hiermenus Go Forth, III:
Version 4 - The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters

Element 5 - item_has_child

Specifies the existence of a child menu associated with the item. The child menu appears when the user mouses over the item. Depending on the values of top_more_images_visible and tree_more_images_visible, a "more" image may be included in the item.
May be specified as:
  • true Boolean (true / false)
  • integer Boolean (1 / 0)
  • string JS expression to be evaluated

Example Values
true Boolean: true
    The item has an associated child menu.
true Boolean: false
    The item does not have a child menu.

integer Boolean: 1
    The item has an associated child menu.
integer Boolean: 0
    The item does not have a child menu.

JS expression (function call): "getChildMenu()"
    A custom function that you have created is called. The return value of this function will be assigned to the item_has_child parameter.
JS expression (complete statement): "IE4"
    A child menu will be created and appear only if Explorer is being used.


The menu has two items with child menus (the first two.) The menu arrays looks like this:

HM_Array1 = [
["DHTML DYNOMAT","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/dynomat/",1,0,1],
["DHTML DINER","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/diner/",1,0,1],
["WEB APPS","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/webapps/",1,0,0]
HM_Array1_1 = [
HM_Array1_2 = [
["NS Resize","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/diner/resize/",1,0,0],
["IE Page Coords","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/diner/realpos/",1,0,0],
["Frame Resize","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/diner/frresize/",1,0,0],
["Browser Vars","http://www.webref.com/dhtml/diner/browsvars/",1,0,0]

If omitted, it is assumed that the item has no associated child menu.

Differences from Version 3 equivalent
There is no difference from the Version 3 equivalent.

This concludes our look at the new Version 4 menu-creating arrays.

As before, on our final page, we have included an Array-Conversion tool to help you convert your existing Version 3 arrays to the new standard.

In our next installment, we will look at the new expanded Global Parameters that affect the look and behavior of all menu trees in a page.

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