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Database Front End with DHTML


Database Front End:
using DHTML for client-side storage and display

The web is becoming more and more a conduit for data. Lists abound everywhere we click: Commerce, white pages, yellow pages, libraries, search results. The list of lists, is, of course, endless.

For the user, lists imply: scrolling and server connections.

Dynamic HTML allows us to minimize or even totally avoid either or both of the above. With DHTML's ability to dynamically change content, we can update the screen information instead of including it all at once with scrollbars. In the same way, by displaying only part of the downloaded information at any one time, we can reduce the required internet connections.

We will create a simple client-side database display system, one that can be easily expanded. It may serve as the basis for possible future columns.

All the techniques used, we already know from previous columns:
If you are using a non-dynamic browser you will not be able to experience text updating, just images, but you may follow the tutorial.

We will create the following database front end with 5 records. Click the next/previous buttons to move between records.

Sampling Code Number: CYNIC-001
Catalog Number: F67-94-4/17
Provenance: Filia
Chronology: Neolithic II / 5000-3750
Style-Typology: Dark on Light
Shape: open-shape
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The above example is an excerpt from, ©1997 Thetis Hellas Ltd. This site is presently Netscape 4-specific and under construction. It may be visited for a taste of what is possible with Dynamic HTML in the real world. The site is a presentation of scientific research results.

Our example can be used for a variety of applications, including: addresses, book catalogs, employee records, and the like.

First of all, however, we must create our database.

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