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Version 4 - The Page-Specific Parameters

This column is the fifth in a multi-column discussion of a new version of the hierarchical menu script.
Until our discussion is complete, the current version of the script will still be the latest maintenance release of Version 3: 3.10.3.
Read this column, and future columns, to learn how we built the menu script.
Use the most recent version of the script, always available in HierMenus Central.

In this column we continue our discussion of Version 4 with a further look at the new Page-Specific Parameters.

We began the discussion in our previous column, by introducing the Page-Specific Parameters and outlining the use of the first ten. In this column, we will look at nine more. Next column, we'll wrap up the parameter discussion, allowing us to publish the external script.

HM_PG_MenuWidth = 150;
HM_PG_FontFamily = "Arial,sans-serif";
HM_PG_FontSize = 10;
HM_PG_FontBold = false;
HM_PG_FontItalic = false;
HM_PG_FontColor = "blue";
HM_PG_FontColorOver = "white";
HM_PG_BGColor = "#DDDDDD";
HM_PG_BGColorOver = "#FFCCCC";
HM_PG_ItemPadding = 3;
Discussed in previous column
HM_PG_BorderWidth = 2;
HM_PG_BorderColor = "black";
HM_PG_BorderStyle = "solid";
HM_PG_SeparatorSize = 2;
HM_PG_SeparatorColor = "black";
HM_PG_ImageSrc = "http://.../tri.gif";
HM_PG_ImageSize = 10;
HM_PG_ImageHorizSpace = 0;
HM_PG_ImageVertSpace = 3;
Discussed in this column
HM_PG_KeepHilite = true; 
HM_PG_ClickStart = 1;
HM_PG_ClickKill = true;
HM_PG_ChildOverlap = 20;
HM_PG_ChildOffset = 10;
HM_PG_ChildPerCentOver = null;
HM_PG_TopSecondsVisible = .5;
HM_PG_StatusDisplayBuild =0;
HM_PG_StatusDisplayLink = 1;
HM_PG_UponDisplay = null;
HM_PG_UponHide = null;
To be discussed next column
(final parameter column)

So let's start with HM_PG_BorderWidth.

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