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Hiermenus Go Forth*, VII:
Version 4 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

I've given in.

The mail has revolved around a single issue:

"We can't wait any longer. Yes, we appreciate the intended detailed discussion of the new script, but give us the script first so we can use it, then discuss it."

Therefore, as a holiday bonus, we have a DHTML Lab first: script publication without laborious discussion.

The script is presented as-is, with no documentation other than that already presented in our previous columns:

  1. Column 35 - Hiermenus Go Forth, I: The External Arrays
  2. Column 36 - Hiermenus Go Forth, II: The External Arrays - New Menu Tree Parameters
  3. Column 38 - Hiermenus Go Forth, III: The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters
  4. Column 40 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IV: The Page-Specific Parameters 1
  5. Column 41 - Hiermenus Go Forth, V: The Page-Specific Parameters 2
  6. Column 42 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VI: The Page-Specific Parameters 3

We will, of course, discuss the script line-by-line, and publish a frames-enabled version, soon.

As promised the script works in:

Unfortunately, we feel compelled to break our promise regarding support for older Macintosh Explorer versions. The script will not work in Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Version 4.x. The problems we had to overcome to enable support for such a complex script were deemed insurmountable.

On the next pages, you'll find the files included in the download.

*with apologies to Blackadder

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