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Hiermenus Go Forth, VIII - DHTML Lab | 2


Hiermenus Go Forth, VIII:
Version 4.0.1 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

A Few Anticipated Questions Answered

  1. Will HM support the Opera browser?

    We like Opera and, granted, with every release its DHTML support is growing. Unfortunately, it cannot yet (Opera version 5) support the full feature set of HM4. We are vigilant as to developments and will make every attempt to adapt the script when full support becomes available.

  2. Last night's "nightly" build of Mozilla did not display the menus correctly

    The Mozilla site (http://www.mozilla.org/) clearly states:

    Nightly Builds
    Created most weekdays from the previous day's work, these will probably work, but maybe not.

    Some recent nightly builds have not displayed the menus correctly. This has been reported to the Mozilla group, thanks to Markus Hübner. HM supports only the public releases, promoted to the public-at-large, not builds that "will probably work, but maybe not." When you report problems, please do not refer to the nightly builds.

  3. Will HM support frameset use, like Version 3?

    Yes, of course, but only after we make the full-window version solid.

  4. What happened to your promise to provide browser-specific files instead of one large one?

    Most readers did not agree with me and believed the multiple file scenario to be a maintenance nightmare. Therefore, this initial release comes in one big file. When it is fully tweaked, I will provide short browser-specific files.
    The current version (4.0.1) introduces the HM_Loader.js external file. Besides solving a current Netscape 6 problem with SCRIPT's that have been inserted with document.write, it also cleans up the script necessary in-page and provides an elegant method for loading browser-specific files with minimal maintenance of Web pages.

  5. Can we not include the SCRIPT tags that load the external file in the HEAD of our document, as with Version 3?

    Unfortunately, no. The menus are created during page load, unlike Version 3 where the menus were created after page load. This, of course, dramatically improves menu-creation speed.
    The DOM browsers (IE5 and NS6) need the BODY tag since they create the menu elements within the page body (document.body) and need it to be present. Admittedly, in IE one can document.write a BODY tag on the fly anywhere in the document, creating the document.body object, but NS6 will not allow you to do this inside the HEAD of a document (correct behavior.)
    Therefore, please place the <SCRIPT> tag that calls the external file after the BODY tag of your page. It is highly recommended that you place it at the end of your page.
    Unlike Version 4.0, the current version will not throw an error if no document.body exists. The menus, however will not be created for IE5 and NS6.

On the next page, some fixes incorporated into Version 4.0.1.

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