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Hiermenus Go Forth*, IX:
Version 4.0.2 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Ho hum, another column, another version of the menu script.

Again a big Thanks to all who downloaded version 4.0.1 (Column 44) and sent feedback.

True cross-browser DHTML in a complicated full-featured application like HM is no mean task, and with your help we are making it a solid, useful piece of work.

Many problems were reported, and many were discovered by yours truly. Not all reported problems were the result of the script. The most major of these is discussed in detail in this column.

Our decision to jump-the-discussion-gun and present the script as-is has paid off. When we are all happy with it, we will begin the discussion. By avoiding line-by-line explanations at this time, we have been able to concentrate on the tweaking. Therefore, there is no documentation other than that already presented in our previous columns:

  1. Column 35 - Hiermenus Go Forth, I: The External Arrays
  2. Column 36 - Hiermenus Go Forth, II: The External Arrays - New Menu Tree Parameters
  3. Column 38 - Hiermenus Go Forth, III: The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters
  4. Column 40 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IV: The Page-Specific Parameters 1
  5. Column 41 - Hiermenus Go Forth, V: The Page-Specific Parameters 2
  6. Column 42 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VI: The Page-Specific Parameters 3

The script works in:

Let us know of any problems you find. Please use this link to send mail:

HM4 problem

Please do not inquire after use instructions. These will be forthcoming.

With the volume of mail regarding HM, please do not expect a reply. Problems reported will be considered.

We will now step back and regroup. We know where the remaining weaknesses of the script lie and we will attempt to address them for Version 4.0.3.

On the next pages, you'll find a look at the biggest problem reported for IE5, an outline of the fixes in this version and a listing of the files included in the download.

*with apologies to Blackadder

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