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Version 4.0.3 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Promises To Keep

In our first Version 4 column, we promised:

HM Version 4 is comprised of several external files, each one optimized for a particular browser. Only the optimized file is loaded, giving users only the code necessary for their browser.

The original feedback was negative. Most authors believed that this approach would lead to a "maintenance nightmare." We therefore reneged on our promise and produced a one-size-fits-all script. Well, the feedback became even more negative. Our original instincts seem to have been correct: The single script is more nightmarish than the separate ones. With Version 4.0.3, we move to browser-specific scripts.

hierMenus.js R.I.P.

Our external scripts need different names, of course, so we finally lay hierMenus.js to rest. The new external scripts identify the browser and follow our Version 4 naming scheme:

hierArrays.js R.I.P.

It follows that the external array file should also be renamed to follow the Version 4 naming scheme, so it is now called HM_Arrays.js.


In the interest of menu-creation speed, Versions 4.0 --> 4.0.2 created the menu elements during page load. Creation speed was truly improved and the page's onload event handler was freed up for use by other scripts.

However, problems arose for nearly all browsers:

Therefore, check for conflicting onload handlers in other scripts or your page's BODY tag when using Version 4.0.3.

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