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Hiermenus Go Forth*, X:
Version 4.0.3 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

This script is really coming together.

What seemed stable and solid several weeks ago, now looks more like a beta than anything else. Thanks to the largest Quality Assurance department in the world (you) we have discovered and fixed quite a few problems.

As before, there is no documentation other than that already presented in previous columns:

  1. Column 35 - Hiermenus Go Forth, I: The External Arrays
  2. Column 36 - Hiermenus Go Forth, II: The External Arrays - New Menu Tree Parameters
  3. Column 38 - Hiermenus Go Forth, III: The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters
  4. Column 40 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IV: The Page-Specific Parameters 1
  5. Column 41 - Hiermenus Go Forth, V: The Page-Specific Parameters 2
  6. Column 42 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VI: The Page-Specific Parameters 3
  7. Column 43 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VII: 4.0 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  8. Column 44 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VIII: 4.0.1 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  9. Column 45 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IX: 4.0.2 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

The script works in:

Let us know of any problems you find. Please use this link to send mail:

HM4 problem

Please do not inquire after use instructions. These will be forthcoming.

With the volume of mail regarding HM, please do not expect a reply. Problems reported will be considered.

On the next page, you'll find a few notes on the current version.

*with apologies to Blackadder

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