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Hiermenus Go Forth, XI:
Version 4.0.4 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

A Few Anticipated Questions Answered

  1. Will HM support the Opera browser?

    We like Opera and, granted, with every release its DHTML support is growing. Unfortunately, it cannot yet (Opera version 5) support the full feature set of HM4. We are vigilant as to developments and will make every attempt to adapt the script when full support becomes available.

  2. Last night's "nightly" build of Mozilla did not display the menus correctly

    The Mozilla site (http://www.mozilla.org/) clearly states:

    Nightly Builds
    Created most weekdays from the previous day's work, these will probably work, but maybe not.

    Some recent nightly builds have not displayed the menus correctly. HM supports only the public releases, promoted to the public-at-large, not builds that "will probably work, but maybe not." When you report problems, please do not refer to the nightly builds.

  3. Will HM support frameset use, like Version 3?

    Yes, of course, but only after we make the full-window version solid.

  4. I wrote in with a bona-fide problem, yet when you corrected it, you thanked and linked to someone else. Why?

    Some problems, although they originally escaped our attention, have been discovered independently by a great number of readers. For example, the NS4 cut-off problem (number 2 on the next page) was reported by several hundred readers. Only the author of the first-to-reach-us problem report can get a mention.

On the next page, the fixes incorporated into Version 4.0.4.

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