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Hiermenus Go Forth, XI:
Version 4.0.4 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Problems reported with 4.0.3 and fixed in 4.0.4

  1. In all browsers, HM_RightToLeft was set up as a tree-specific parameter, yet was used as a page-specific parameter. This behavior has been rectified and authors can now specify menu trees to cascade right-to-left, regardless of the global or page settings.
    Thanks to Jon Crowell

  2. In NS4, if the last menu item had an associated child menu, then the parent menu display would be truncated. That is, not all menu items were visible. Although all items were created, the menu bottom clip value was incorrectly set. All parent menu items now display correctly.
    Thanks to Don Hammond

  3. In all browsers, if HM_ClickKill was set to false and three or more menu levels were open in a menu tree (parent - child - grandchild) mousing back over the related parent menu item did not close the grandchild menu, as expected. The child menu behavior was correct, however.
    Thanks to Craig Howarth

  4. In all browsers, the item_permanently_highlighted parameter defined in the menu item array did not work as documented. In Column 38, it was implied that item_permanently_highlighted overruled item_is_rollover, yet in practice it was the reverse. The correct behavior has been instated.
    Thanks to Dmitriy Donskoy

  5. In DOM browsers, if HM_CreateTopOnly was set to true, and the final menu item had a child menu, and was not the only item in the menu with a child, then it (the final item) would lose its real child menu and inherit one from another item.
    Thanks to Joe R. Jah

  6. In all browsers, the item parameters:
    item_permanently_highlighted, item_is_rollover and item_has_child did not accept JS expressions, as documented. They now do.

  7. In NS4, if a menu was horizontal, and an item displayed text that wrapped to more lines than the text in previous items, the previous items would not expand vertically to reflect the new menu height.
    Thanks to Bobby Jenkins

  8. In all browsers, if HM_CreateTopOnly was set to true, and an item had an associated child menu, but no child menu array was defined (due to author error), when the user moused over the item and the script attempted to create the child menu an error was generated. Child menu creation with HM_CreateTopOnly set to true now follows the same behavior as top-level menu creation: If the associated array does not exist, no menu is created and no error occurs.

  9. In NS4, HM_BorderStyle and HM_Separator Color were still being assigned even though they are not used by NS4. This code was not omitted in the transition from single to browser-specific scripts, and in the case of HM_BorderStyle could generate an error if the author tried to assign the double border style.
    Thanks to Jim Stewart


In all browsers, if an item has an associated child menu, but the author has not defined an array for the child menu, and consequently no child menu is created, the parent item does not display the "more" image. The user, therefore, does not know that a child menu was intended or that the author made an error. In previous versions, the "more" image appeared even if no child menu was created.

Outstanding Issues

The major outstanding issue involves the correct evaluation of JS statements used in the declaration of parameters. As noted above, the item parameters have now been expression-enabled. The page-specific and global parameters accept most JS expressions. Some expressions, especially those involving foreign characters or font names are still problematic. We will attempt to include the new algorithm we are working on in the next release.

Again, if you don't know what we're talking about, it means you are not having problems, which is a good thing.

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