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Hiermenus Go Forth*, XII:
Version 4.0.5 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

For our regular readers, an apology. This version has been a long time coming. The last month has seen the untimely and extremely unfortunate demise of my day job, another victim of the dot.com crisis, which means that my energies were not focused on improving the HM script.

We're back with a couple of important improvements.

As always, there is no documentation other than that already presented in previous columns.

  1. Column 35 - Hiermenus Go Forth, I: The External Arrays
  2. Column 36 - Hiermenus Go Forth, II: The External Arrays - New Menu Tree Parameters
  3. Column 38 - Hiermenus Go Forth, III: The External Arrays - Menu and Item Parameters
  4. Column 40 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IV: The Page-Specific Parameters 1
  5. Column 41 - Hiermenus Go Forth, V: The Page-Specific Parameters 2
  6. Column 42 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VI: The Page-Specific Parameters 3
  7. Column 43 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VII: 4.0 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  8. Column 44 - Hiermenus Go Forth, VIII: 4.0.1 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  9. Column 45 - Hiermenus Go Forth, IX: 4.0.2 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  10. Column 46 - Hiermenus Go Forth, X: 4.0.3 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)
  11. Column 47 - Hiermenus Go Forth, X: 4.0.4 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

The script works in:

Please any problems you find, using this link to send mail:

HM4 problem

But before you click the above link, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING POINTS:

  1. We cannot provide additional use instructions at this time. They will be forthcoming, along with detailed discussion of the code once Version 4 is rock-stable.

  2. The menu look and behavior in the download is only one of many possible look-behavior combinations. The parameters discussed in columns 36 --> 42 achieve menu customization. Please familiarize yourself with these.

  3. Several Version 4-related questions have been anticipated in our previous column.

  4. Most of the Version 3-related FAQ apply to Version 4. Please check these for a possible answer to your problem.

    I cannot emphasize this enough!

    95% of the HM4 problem mail asks questions answered literally years ago in the FAQ. A good 30% of the mail asks FAQ #1. Another 30% asks FAQ #6. Please take the time to peruse the FAQ. You will save your own precious time.

  5. With the volume of mail regarding HM, a reply will probably not be possible. All problems reported, however, will be considered.

Now, a quick look at the 4.0.5 improvements.

*with apologies to Blackadder

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