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Dynamic Content in Internet Explorer 4: DHTML Unleashed Author Quiz


Dynamic Content in IE4:
The DHTML Unleashed Author Quiz

The remainder of this article is an adapted extract from a chapter produced for the forthcoming book DHTML Unleashed from Sams.net Publishing

copyright (c) 1997 by Sams.net Publishing
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The best way to appreciate real-world uses for all the content change techniques we've discussed is, obviously, to witness them in action in a useful page. To this end, we combined many of the Internet Explorer relevant properties and methods and developed this short quiz script. A discussion follows.

How Does the Quiz work?

The students (users) are welcomed by an introduction screen, stating the rules of the quiz and warning them about the time limit for each question, in this case 10 seconds.

When they press the start button, the screen is replaced by the first question with a form entry field for the answer. If they answer, by filling in the form and pressing the submit button, or if their 10 seconds elapse, a reply screen appears, informing the students if their answer was correct or not or if they were late in responding. In every case, the correct answer is supplied along with a button to proceed to the next question.

The above routine is repeated until all questions have been displayed. On the final reply screen, a tabulation of results is also presented, along with a percentage grade. The students are presented with two options.

To start again, in which case the first question is displayed and the quiz proceeds as before, or to review the questions, where a new screen presents each question with its answer, appending them one-by-one every two seconds. At the end of the review, the students press a button to exit the Quiz.

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