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Hiermenus Go Forth, XIV:
Version 4.0.7 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Problems reported with 4.0.6 and fixed in 4.0.7

  1. In NS4, the menu-creation speed improvements we introduced in Versions 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 revolved around the omission of the item "mouseover" layer. Omitting this layer does not affect the menu functionality, only the mouseover font color. Or so we thought. We forgot that authors can specify items to be "permanently" highlighted! See Column 38. Items so designated did not render in Version 4.0.6 if HM_NSFontOver was false, or if the mouseover font color was the same as the default font color.

    Version 4.0.7 checks for the item's item_permanently_highlighted flag and creates the highlighted item layer if necessary.
    Thanks to Jonathan Hurshman for sending in his bug report minutes after 4.0.6 went live.

  2. In all browsers, a grandchild menu (child of child of top-level menu) of a horizontal permanent menu, with the position_under flag set to true, was not forced to display within the browser window.

    That is, a permanent menu is never shifted to remain within the browser window (as it is permanent.) In the same way, the position_under flag causes all child menus to display immediately below the parent menu item. They too are not constrained by the browser window size. However, any further children in the tree should be placed within the window, as they appear to-the-side of their parents.

    In Version 4.0.7, these grandchild menus are positioned correctly.
    Thanks to Paul August for pointing this out.

Outstanding Issues

The major outstanding issue involves the correct evaluation of JS statements used in the declaration of parameters. The page-specific and global parameters accept most JS expressions. Some expressions, especially those involving foreign characters or font names are still problematic. We will attempt to include the new algorithm we are working on in the next release.

Again, if you don't know what we're talking about, it means you are not having problems, which is a good thing.

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