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Hiermenus Go Forth, XV:
Version 4.0.8 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Problems reported with 4.0.7 and fixed in 4.0.8

  1. In NS4, even if HM_xx_ChildOverlap was set to 0 (zero) a space was still present between the parent and child menu as in Figure 1, below. The intended positioning, where no space is present, as in Figure 2 below, is now possible with Version 4.0.8.

    Figure 1: space between parent and child (incorrect)

    Figure 2: no space between parent and child (correct)
  2. In IE5 for Macintosh, returning to a page with HM using the browser's BACK button may have produced this error:

    When returning to a page, IE5Mac remembers the page layout that existed when the user was last there. That is, all the new HTML elements created by HM are there, ready to be used. This is a good thing.

    However, the page's onload handler is fired when the user returns to the already-visited page. This too, is a good thing if the onload handler causes an animation to be run, for example. It is not so good if the load event triggers the creation of new elements, as is the case with HM. This means that an attempt will be made to create the menu elements an additional time, unnecessarily, causing conflicts, and generating the error message, above.

    In Version 4.0.8, we check the value of the HM_AreCreated variable which is false when the page is initially loaded, but true after all the menu elements have been created. IE5Mac maintains the true value when you return to the HM page, so if HM_AreCreated is true, HM exits quickly and gracefully without creating any additional elements since they are already there.

    This check is a useful, additional fail-safe mechanism, so we have included it for all browsers, even though no similar problems have been reported in browsers other than IE5Mac.

IE5Mac could also cause a more complex problem to appear. We'll discuss it on the next page.

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