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Version 4.0.9 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Menu Position Upon Window Resize

In all browsers, except for NS4, the menu positions are now recalculated to adapt to the new window dimensions, automatically. As mentioned above, the left_position and top_position parameters are evaluated and the top level menu is repositioned accordingly. All child menus that are visible when the window is resized, are also repositioned.

Additionally, the menu position may change even if no values are present for left_position and top_position. For example, let's say that the user's window size causes a child menu (or even a top-level menu) to not be positioned in its intended location, since our script keeps the menus within the browser window:

The menu tree in the above example is forced to display within the browser window and not in the natural cascade location because the browser window is not "high" enough. This is the desired behavior.

If the user enlarges the window, the menu tree is repositioned to its originally intended location.

Version 4.0.9 also includes a couple of minor fixes.

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