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Hiermenus Go Forth, XVI:
Version 4.0.9 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Version 4.0.9 Fixes

  1. Both IE4Win and IE5Mac would not always position the top-level menu in the correct location if the browser window was not high enough. That is, the menu may have been positioned so that not all the items were within the window. This has been fixed and all menus are now properly constrained to the browser window dimensions.

  2. In Version 4.0.8, we fixed the HM_xx_ChildOverlap problem for NS4. We overlooked that the same problem existed in IE5Mac, albeit for a completely different reason. That is, if HM_xx_ChildOverlap was set to 0 (zero) a space was still present between the parent and child menu as in Figure 1, below. The intended positioning, where no space is present, as in Figure 2 below, is now possible with Version 4.0.9.

    Figure 1: space between parent and child (incorrect)

    Figure 2: no space between parent and child (correct)

Outstanding Issues

The major outstanding issue still involves the correct evaluation of JS statements used in the declaration of parameters. Version 4.0.9 addressed JS expressions and the left_position and top_position top-level menu parameters. Our next version will improve the handling of JS expressions by other parameters.

Currently, the page-specific and global parameters do accept most JS expressions. Some expressions, especially those involving foreign characters or font names are problematic.

Again, if you don't know what we're talking about, it means you are not having problems, which is a good thing.

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