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Hiermenus Go Forth, XVII:
Version 4.0.10 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Foolproof Parameters

One of the major features introduced in Version 4 was the "foolproof assignment of parameters." In previous versions, there were no default parameter values and there was a strict adherence to type. That is, a parameter that expected an integer value would not accept a string representation of the integer. As we outlined in our Version 4 parameter discussion in columns 35 to 42, Version 4 parameters accept many different value types from authors, including JS expressions. The script parses the author-defined value and assigns it to the parameter in the expected type.

Parts of this "parsing" of author-defined values take time of course. For example, we "trimmed" all strings to lose extraneous leading and trailing spaces that authors placed by mistake. In Version 4.0.10, we have done away with trimming and other similar checks, in the interest of speed. Authors are simply asked to be more careful when assigning values.

Version 4.0.10, however, does accept all value types as documented, including JS expressions. It does not re-introduce strict type adherence. It only loses some of its author-typo correction powers.

JavaScript Expressions

The HM_UponDisplay, HM_UponHide, evaluate_upon_tree_show and evaluate_upon_tree_hide parameters now work as documented in:

Column 36 - evaluate_upon_tree_show
Column 36 - evaluate_upon_tree_hide

Column 42 - HM_PG_UponDisplay
Column 42 - HM_PG_UponHide

These parameters can be used to hide/show nasty form elements that burn holes in the menus, create image rollovers for menu-related images and much more.

As mentioned, Version 4.0.10 also imtroduces a new feature.

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