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Hiermenus Go Forth, XIX:
Version 4.0.12 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Permanent-Menu Related Problems

In Version 4.0.11, we introduced tree-level display-on-click menu popup functionality, and permanent top-level menu cascade-on-click functionality.

Two problems arose:

  1. Not all items in a top-level permanent menu inherited the click behavior if it was specified.
    That is, only one item, the first with a child menu, would cause the tree to cascade on click, the others would retain the default mouseover behavior.

  2. In a top-level permanent menu with cascade-on-click functionality, the inclusion of HTML tags in the item display text would cause the unnecessary multiple event firing mentioned on the previous page.
    Thanks to Chris Dart for this one.

Additionally, in a tree with a top-level permanent menu, with more than two menu levels, the evaluate_upon_tree_show and evaluate_upon_tree_hide functionality did not work properly.
Thanks to Kevin Hoffman for pointing this out.

All the above have been fixed for Version 4.0.12.

Form Element User Input Persistence in NS4

As we know, if a NS4 user resizes the browser window, all DHTML content is lost. Therefore, all HM versions have reloaded the page upon window resize.

If the page contained form elements which the user had filled in, the information was lost while the browser reloaded the page and reset all form elements. This was due to the method we chose for reloading the page:


NS4 would cause the page to be reloaded and displayed as if coming from the server, with blank form input fields.

In Version 4.0.12, the page is redisplayed as opposed to reloaded by using:


All form element user input is maintained. The menus and all other DHTML content is recalculated and redisplayed, which is the desired behavior.
Many thanks to Anthony Fincher for suggesting this change.

On the next page, more improvements.

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