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Hiermenus Go Forth, XX:
Version 4.0.13 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

New More Images

Click for Menu 

Click the link on the left to display a menu tree. Click off the tree anywhere on the page to hide.

Notice that the triangle "more" image changes color upon item rollover.

To facilitate this behavior, we have:

  1. Created several images in standard colors that you can use. These are included in the Version 4.0.13 download. You may, of course, create any image of your own to use in the menu items.

  2. Changed the naming scheme of the images to conform to the HM standard. The image filenames now begin with the HM_ prefix and are longer and more descriptive.

The images included in the download are:

HM_More_red_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_red_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_yellow_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_yellow_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_green_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_green_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_cyan_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_cyan_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_blue_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_blue_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_magenta__right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_magenta__left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_black_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_black_left.gif (5x9)

HM_More_white_right.gif (5x9)

HM_More_white_left.gif (5x9)

On the next page, enabling the image rollover behavior.

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Created: July 12, 2001
Revised: July 12, 2001

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