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Version 4.0.13 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Correcting the menu Z-Index

Version 4 continued the z-index logic used in Version 3. That is, menu trees were positioned above other page elements, but they shared common z-indices. Only one menu tree could be visible at any one time, so the common z-index was not a problem.

In Version 4, we introduced permanently-visible top-level menus. This means that an adjoining popup menu might be displayed under the permanent menu. See the illustration below:

Not all popup menus are displayed in this way. Many factors affect the z-index, including order-of-creation and the value of HM_GL/PG_CreateTopOnly. Therefore, you may have had popup menus displaying in the same space as a permanent one and never encountered this problem.

Judging from the mail, however, many of you have.

We have therefore adjusted the statements affecting the menu z-indices. Now, whenever a menu is displayed, its z-index is adjusted to be higher than any other menu. This guarantees that the menu display will not be wonky, as illustrated below:

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