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Hiermenus Go Forth, XXI:
Version 4.0.14 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

"More" Image and Permanently Highlighted Items Problem

In Version 4.0.13, we introduced rollover behavior for the "more" images.

This means that in its rolled-over state, that is its highlighted state, a menu item can display a "more" image of a different color, depending on the parameters you set.

What we forgot was that this behavior should be extended to permanently-highlighted items, and not only rolled-over, temporarily highlighted, items. Items that are designated as permanently highlighted should display a highlight-color "more" image if image rollover behavior has been defined.

Thanks to Mike Taylor for pointing this out.

We have included this correct behavior in Version 4.0.14.

Optimized "More" Images

In Version 4.0.13, we also introduced a larger selection of "more" images as a courtesy to authors. They were 827 bytes each. Small, but not as small as possible.

Many thanks to Jose Fandos for taking the time to reduce the color palette on all images and submitting them for inclusion in the download. They now weigh in at 53 bytes each.


Version 4.0.14 was never intended to be. Version 4.1, a major release including variable-width menus was to be the next published version. It included the NS6.1 fix. We were under the impression that NS6.1 was still weeks away from release. It was made public this week, so we have rushed the fix to publication to save authors headaches and clutter in my inbox.

Version 4.1 will be published very shortly.

Files Changed in Version 4.0.14

You will need to overwrite previous versions of the above files to upgrade to 4.0.14.

HM_Loader.js has not been changed.

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