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Hiermenus Go Forth, XXVI:
Version 4.2 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Scroll Element Images

The images included in the download are:

HM_More_red_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_red_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_yellow_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_yellow_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_green_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_green_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_cyan_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_cyan_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_blue_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_blue_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_magenta__top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_magenta__bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_black_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_black_bot.gif (9x5)

HM_More_white_top.gif (9x5)

HM_More_white_bot.gif (9x5)

On the next page, a review of the new feature and behavior.

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