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Konqueror is a next-generation open source Web browser, file manager and document viewer. It is highly standards-compliant and its component-based architecture combines features and functionality of IE, NS and Windows Explorer. It strives to support a wide range of current Internet technologies, including JavaScript, Java, XML, HTML 4.0, CSS-1, CSS-2, SSL (Secure Socket Layer for secure communications), and Netscape Communicator plug-ins (for Flash, RealAudio and RealVideo, etc.)

Konqueror comes as part of the KDE Desktop Environment project, a free, powerful and easy-to-use Internet-enabled desktop for Linux and other UNIXes. Last week, KDE 3.0 was released by its world-wide team of developers. This release also included a new version of Konqueror (Konqueror 3.0) that supports HM.

For more information on KDE, go to http://www.kde.org/.

For those unfamiliar with Konqueror, here is a screenshot taken from the Konqueror web site (http://www.konqueror.org/.):

On the left, Konqueror displays an HTML frame (web browser) while the right sports two local hard drive views.

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