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Hiermenus Go Forth, XXIX:
Version 4.2.3 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

Konqueror and HM

While Konqueror was still young, it did not support HM. In August 2001, for the HM 4.1 release, we added a check for Konqueror use and disabled HM for Konqueror users.

The Konqueror developer community has been working hard making the browser a major player, with advanced scripting and W3C standards support. We are pleased to note that HM support has been an issue (albeit very minor, of course   ) during development, as demonstrated by a couple of Konqueror bug reports:

The Konqueror Development Team

A major thanks to the Konqueror development team for making Konqueror 3.0 HM-compliant and producing a world-class JavaScript engine. Special thanks to David Joham who has kept me abreast of developments and then pushed me to ensure that HM became Konqueror-compliant. My job was easy, of course, as it simply involved incorporation of David's suggested HM changes into the script.

HM Changes

Besides changing the browser sniffing to allow Konqueror through, we added only minor conditionals in HM:

Konqueror, like Netscape 6, supports the W3C standard "pointer" value for the cursor, unlike IE which uses the proprietary "hand" value to obtain link-cursors like or .

Konqueror supports the non-standard method for determining values for an element's offsetTop and offsetLeft properties, introduced by IE and adopted by Gecko browsers from Netscape 6.1 and Mozilla 0.9.3 onward. See our discussion in HM 4.0.14.

Browser Dimensions
Konqueror supports the NS properties for determining browser dimensions (ex. window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight) which are always available and not dependent on HTML elements (like BODY or HTML) as is the case with IE.

Event Target Elements
Konqueror uses the srcElement property of the event object to identify the element that fired the event, like IE and unlike the NS browsers which use the target property. And like IE, the Konqueror event object is created, and universally available, whenever an event is fired. In NS, the event object is passed as an argument to the event handler.

On the next page, a couple of screenshots of Konqueror and HM.

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