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Pop-up Calendar 1.1
The New Empty Date Attributes

Include these new attributes as you would all the other calendar attributes. The original attributes are outlined in the DHTML Lab Popup Calendar 1.0 discussion.

emptydate_option   emptydate_option = "false"
Creates a clickable element under the calendar element allowing users to clear associated input elements dynamically

The script provides a default emptydate_option value of true.

Usage Suggestion:
Definitely use if the associated input element is read only
Use with a read/write input element if you want to give your users more non-keyboard functionality.

emptydate_style   emptydate_style =
"background-color: yellow;
Overrides any default style properties of the optional "empty date" bar.
Value should be in regular CSS syntax as a single-line string.

The script does not provide a default emptydate_style value.

emptydate_text   emptydate_text ="Reset Date"
Specifies text displayed in the "empty date" bar.

The script provides a default emptydate_text value of "Clear Date Field" .

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Created: September 07, 2004
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