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DHTML Jigsaw Puzzle: IE4; Breaking | 2


The DHTML Lab Jigsaw Puzzle, Part I: IE4
That's all for now

Although we have not introduced many new concepts in this article, a lot has been covered in the way of scripting techniques. In fact, perhaps too much. To avoid overload, we will discuss solving the puzzle next week. That's right, next week. In a break from the bi-weekly tradition, the continuation of this article will be published in a week's time, so we don't get too rusty. Then we'll move on to a Navigator version. Now won't that be a treat?

In the meantime, for those who want a head start, the complete code can be found on the next three pages. Why three? The first is the HTML discussed this column. The second is the breaking and solving script. The third is the drag and drop script. It is placed separately to enable easy comparison with last column's drag and drop script. The puzzle customization will be apparent.

Until next week, here is the puzzle again:

Screenshot of Puzzle for non-IE4 browsers

Enough breaking and solving! Show me the code, already!

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