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DHTML Lab - DHTML Diner - Element Page Coordinates, Part 2

Determining Element Page Coordinates, Part 2
IE for Windows and TABLEs

In Part 1 of this series of articles, we created JavaScript functions used to determine the page position of HTML elements, positioned or static, that expose position information about themselves.

In creating the functions, DL_GetElementLeft() and DL_GetElementTop(), we took the opportunity to explore parent-child element hierarchies in great detail. We ended up with functions for IE for Windows and NS6+ that could retrieve the page position of any element...

more or less

With the present article, we will begin an attempt to reduce our margin of error, by looking at browser quirks, rule exceptions and the like.

Those of you who have worked with our functions in your own applications may have noticed that they do not always return the correct values when calculating the page position of elements contained in TABLEs. This is true of IE for Windows and later versions of NS6+, although for completely different reasons.

We'll address the IE quirks in the present article.

It is highly recommended that you have a knowledge of the functions created in Part 1, as we will be expanding the same functions.

The in-page examples will be best appreciated when viewed with IE for Windows as it is the browser under discussion. When viewed with NS6+, for instance, the examples will work but won't give the required result.

So, let's move on...

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