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DHTML Dynomat: Hierarchical Menu Parameters | 5

Hierarchical Menus Version 2 - Parameters
complete parameter script

The Menu Thus Far
mouse over the link above to see the menu.

Step-by-step instructions for including Hierarchical Menus in your pages have been given in all the menu columns, most recently in: [20] Hierarchical Menus, Version 2.

In the present browser session, we have created one important part of the Hierarchical Menu script: the parameter variables. In the text area below, these parameters have been incorporated into a cross-browser script that also includes browser detection overhead, backward-compatibility statements and external file inclusion statements.

Copy and paste the text area content into the HEAD of any page in which menus should appear. If you are using frames, paste the code into the document that appears in the navigation frame.

Don't forget to include links that pop up the menus in your page, and to correctly define the menu-creating arrays in hierArrays.js.