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DHTML Dynomat: Hierarchical Menus Version 3.x

Hierarchical Menus Version 3.x
Dynomat Tool: Revision 2

This tool is written in IEWin32 DHTML. It is only accessible with Internet Explorer version 4 and higher for Windows.


Everything you always wanted to know about the HM script can be found in our menus-only section.

This is Revision 2 of the Dynomat Tool for HierMenus 3.x. How is it different from its original incarnation? Read the Revision 2 Notes

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Purpose of Tool: To help authors create the complete in-page script necessary for hierarchical menus through a single, real-time, interactive browser session.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Hierarchical Menu code. The menus were developed in:

The Hierarchical Menus, Version 3.x, Dynomat tool is presently available for
Internet Explorer 4+ for Windows, only.
A Navigator equivalent is under development. really!

The tool is over 200K, so it will take some time to download. Once download is complete, there is a lot of script to be run before it is ready to use. Please be patient.

The tool is run in fullscreen mode.
You may copy the code you have created to your system's clipboard at any time, by clicking the COPY to Clipboard button. Use your system's Paste command to insert it into your editor. Exit the tool by clicking the Exit button.

It is recommended that you run a small-overhead text editor (e.g. NotePad), concurrently, so that you can paste the script as-you-go.

Special thanks to Racella, from SoftQuad, for all the bug-finding and feature improvement suggestions for Revision 1 of the tool.

Produced by Peter Belesis and

All Rights Reserved. Legal Notices.
Created: Sept 07, 1998
Revised: Aug 02, 1999

URL: http://www.webreference.com/dhtml/dynomat/hiermenus3/