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Frequently Asked Question #6

Can I use HM with a frameset document?

Well, yes and no. It depends on which HM version you use and what you mean by "use HM with a frameset document."

The following table should help you decide if what you want to achieve is supported and by which version:

Behavior Required Example Version 5.x Version 4.x
Menu-inducing links in one, navigation frame, causing menu trees to appear in another, main-content, frame.

The navigation frame may be on the left, right, top or bottom of frameset.

The menu trees will appear over the content in the main frame and all pages linked-to by menu items will load into the main frame.


This type of frameset behavior is available in HM Version 5.x. If you are currently running an earlier version of HM, we recommend that you upgrade to 5.x.

Complete step-by-step use instructions can be found at our Setup Instructions pages.


Version 4.x does not support this behavior.

Behavior RequiredExampleVersion 4.xVersion 5.x
The complete menu trees to be in one navigation frame.

All pages linked-to by menu items will load into the main frame, as if the TARGET= attribute of an A tag was being used.


This type of behavior has been available since HM Version 2.1, and is based not on the HTML TARGET= attribute, but on the JavaScript location property. Relevant implementation information can be found in FAQ #3.

Since this behavior exists in all newer HM releases, it is recommended that you use the most recent release.

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