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Frequently Asked Questions

This page hosts answers to the most-often-asked and most-important questions regarding the Hierarchical Menu script. If you are having a problem with the script, please check here first for a possible solution. If you do not find it, we would love to hear your question.

1My menus seem unable to cover form elements that exist below them in z-order. The form elements always show through! This behavior is common to all form elements in Navigator, but only the SELECT element in Explorer. I have placed the form in a positioned element and modified the z-index, so that the form elements are placed below the menus, yet the problem persists. Why?

The persistence of form element visibility is not affected by the z-order of positioned elements. This behavior is documented by the browser vendors, and will, hopefully, be changed in the fifth generation browsers. For now, you can read about the problem, illustrated with many in-page examples at the DHTML Diner: Positioned Elements and OS Controls, Applets and Plug-ins

See also our Known Issues page for further information.

2 The Hierarchical Menus script item display is text-based. Occasionally, I need to include an image as part of an item. Could you please include this functionality in a future release? Answer
3 When I use the menus in a frameset, there are some links which I would like to mark so that they break the frameset, loading into the full window. What can I do?


Some of the pages my items link to need to appear in a new window. Can I do this from the menu script?


How can I specify a target for the menu item links, like I do in the A tag with TARGET= attribute?

4 Most OS menus have separators. That is, horizontal bars that can be used to divide the menu items into logical sections. How can I include separators using the Heirarchical Menus script? Answer
5 Do the HM files have to be in the same directory as the HTML page that uses them?
I want to have the files in one directory accessible from my whole site.
6 Can I use HM with a frameset document? Answer
7 Can I set the user's font-size to a different value depending on the browser they're using?
Yes. This and many other browser-specific settings are made possible by virtue of the fact that the HM Parameter settings are interpreted client-side, directly by the browser itself; thus you can inject any JavaScript logic into the setting of the parameters to be interpreted by the browser. One common method of doing this is by way of JavaScript's conditional operator; instructions for using the conditional operator with HM parameters can be found in Bulletin 4.
8 Can I position a menu based on the location of its bottom right corner, instead of the top left?
Yes, by using additional customized code in combination with the "coordinates as a JavaScript expression" feature of HierMenus. See Bulletin 11 for the custom code and further details.
9 I have image based links with rollovers that spawn menus. Is there a way I can synchronize the rollover action of the links so that the images remain in their "on" state while the user rolls over the menu selections (i.e., as long as the menu attached to the link is visible)?
Yes, by using the UponDisplay and UponHide parameters of HM. See Bulletin 12 for complete details and examples.

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