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Internet Explorer Rollovers Test | 8

Internet Explorer Image Rollover Test

Test Image 1
Test Image 2
Test Image 3

To recreate the error, first clear your cache, and then set your Internet Explorer Cache settings to check for new versions of pages "Every visit to the page." After you have done this, refresh this page, then begin rolling up and down over the images at the left.

In our own testing we can typically trigger the error within a minute or two; sometimes almost immediately, sometimes it takes a couple minutes. You'll know the error is triggered when:

  1. The IE "globe" (or whatever logo you have in the top right corner) continues to "spin" even after you stop rolling, as if it is waiting for the next image to download. That image, however, never comes; causing the logo to continue spinning until timeout. On our machines, this timeout occurs after 5 minutes of waiting (note: this "5 minutes" will reset if you click other local links during the 5 minute time period). After the timeout occurs, then the page begins to function normally.
  2. During the "timeout" period described above, trying to click through to any other page within the same domain, or even reloading this page, will not work, though the globe typically will stop spinning when you first attempt to click away from the page. If the page you are trying to click through to was previously loaded in your cache, however, then it will usually come up ok.
  3. Backing up to the previous page, and then coming forward to this page will usually reset everything to ok. Sometimes we've found it necessary to back up two pages. Also, clicking through to a page in a different domain will work, too. For example, when you see the problem occur, try clicking the first three links in the "Test Links" section below. Those will not work, since they all point to WebReference (where you are now). The remaining two links, however, to Jupitermedia and Microsoft, will work.
  4. If you're monitoring memory usage in IE while you roll (using perfmon, for example) then you will see a sharp memory spike just as the error occurs. We don't know, however, whether the problem causes the spike or vice versa.

Test Links

Test Page 1 (in this directory)
Test Page 4 (in this directory)


We've also tried the same test with pages where the images are preloaded and where we retrieve the images to swap using the document.images array, as opposed to document.getElementById. The results were the same for us in both cases.

Further Information

Microsoft has confirmed the demonstrated behavior as a bug. See these KB entries for further information:

BUG: Internet Explorer Stops Responding When You Download Images
Internet Explorer Hangs for Five Minutes Accessing Dynamic Content in Frames

MS Knowledge Base issue describing Cache registry key

A couple interesting links on MS connection limits. Note that the registry key described in the second entry does appear to alleviate the problem (at least it did in our testing) but that changing it is generally not recommended.