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Quiotix Background

Since 1992, Quiotix has brought a fresh perspective to the embedded marketplace. As a solutions company, Quiotix is uniquely positioned to assist customers in the development and delivery of sophisticated computer and networking equipment. The Quiotix approach incorporates both licensed technologies and professional services, providing great flexibility that is often missing from traditional software vendors and consulting firms.

Quiotix offers a variety of licensed technologies, specializing on embedded networking protocols and applications. For more information, please see our products page. These products are available both separately or in combination with professional services (including porting, customization, and testing).

Quiotix customers include many of the leading developers of computer systems and networking equipment such as Adobe Systems, Attachmate/DCA, Digital Equipment Corporation, Livingston Enterprises, Microcom, Microplex, Oce and others.

For more information on how Quiotix can help you develop and deliver products quickly and inexpensively, please contact our sales department at sales@quiotix.com or (650) 324-0535.