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Quiotix Products

Quiotix product offerings include a variety of embedded network technologies available to developers of network hardware and software products. Each product was specifically designed for embedding, allowing easy porting (most products have already been ported to popular embedded operating systems such as VxWorks and pSOS) and incorporation into existing software applications.

  • Quiotix Embedded WebServer (QEWS). QEWS is a full featured web server designed specifically for embedded applications. Its exclusive AutoSubset feature automatically configures the server to include only the features required by each specific application, simultaneously optimizing both memory footprint and development effort.

  • Quiotix Embedded AppleTalk. Quiotix offers a complete family of AppleTalk-compatible network protocols and applications, allowing embedded devices to communicate with Macintosh computers. Applications supported include printing, file sharing, and remote access.

  • Professional Services. The Quiotix Consulting Group is available to assist developers with projects that incorporate Quiotix technologies, or to provide a wide range of consulting assistance.
For more information on any of these products, please contact our sales department at sales@quiotix.com.